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Application Lifecycle Services
Enhancing Capabilities, Reducing Costs
Application Lifecycle Services is a managed service for all or part of your application landscape, covering application conception, design, development and deployment through service, renewal and disposal.
Our robust global delivery models delivers value with the aid of enhanced capabilities, employing  the best IT framework for your business and reduced costs:
  • Productivity: Our global sourcing model realize the full potential of technology break throughs to align business agendas with robust IT strategy initiatives.
  • Flexible and Scalable: We constantly look towards adopting technology-driven business models to  respond to business demands in an agile, swift and efficient manner
  • Impact: Aligning IT with business strategy boosts the value of your IT and your business potential through business transformation, product innovation and efficient operations
Application Outsourcing Services
Application Outsourcing Services are services geared towards innovating & revolutionizing the clients enterprise portfolio, enabling them to yield higher and enhanced business value whilst employing best-in-breed technology & software solutions without losing sight on reducing operational costs and honouring robust SLA’s.
SOA approach for Application development, modernization, maintenance, management & support using Global Delivery Model practising Agile software methodology facilitates:
Application development provides best-in-class technology software solutions by defining, designing, building and rolling out enterprise applications to cater to changing business requirements.
Application modernization services focuses on migrating legacy systems to newer platforms to reduce response & down time, improve tolerance, enhance flexibility, provide rich user experience, mitigate risk and ultimately lower costs.
Application Management Services :
Application maintenance services focuses on deriving best out of existing applications to ‘keep the lights on for less’
Application operations & Production support

24x7 Real-time monitoring of ‘Keep-It-Running’ applications for availability, performance, batch monitoring. Incident management activities, investigation of issues, tracking and escalation management and closure of incidents, user administration and service reporting.
Release and change management

Comprises setting up of various development & test environments, release activities such as release coordination, source code management, release work-flow management, emergency releases, build and code deployment to various environments, managing release calendar, configuration management & SCM tool administration.
Testing, Quality Assurance, Automation
Performance guaranteed, Quality Assured
  Functional Testing :
Services are focused on capturing defects in early stages of development with reduced cost for fixes and sign-off good to go products for markets.
  Infrastructure Testing Services:
Services are focused on testing and validating infrastructure components, thereby reducing the chances of downtime and improving the performance of their IT infrastructure.
  Security Testing Services :
Services are focussed on revealing flaws in the security mechanisms of an information system that protect data and mitigate vulnerabilities and eliminate threats/attacks whilst maintaining functionality as intended.
  Regression Testing
Services are focused on minimizing the risk of defect leakage into production & providing a balanced trade-off between early ‘go-live’ and 100% testing to ensure significant savings in time and cost.
Performance and Stress Testing:

Services are focused on maintaining business revenue & credibility of the organization, reducing support costsand enhancing customer satisfaction. 
Service Management
Services are focused to ensure IT services are effective, efficient, aligned to your business objectives, actively utilized and managed. Aimed to improve:
  • Business and IT alignment: Business strategy to drive IT function to accomplish stated business goals
  • Reduced risk through standardized operation
  • Improved end-user experience: continuously identifying improvement opportunities
Services are designed to:
  • Provide transparency and visibility of IT services by identifying inefficiencies and bottlenecks
  • Create a single point-of-contact for operational management of the IT enterprise for enhanced user experience
  • Reduce manual work and human error for better response and fix time for incidents and requests
Business Process Outsourcing
BPO deliver support services efficiently and effectively, enabling you to focus on value-added activities.
BPO solutions deliver an operating model to streamline, integrate and transform your key processes, including:
  • Planning
  • Order management
  • Inventory
  • Logistics
Our solutions facilitates:
  • Reduce costs and working capital while minimizing waste and risk
  • Respond faster to volatile customer demand while increasing the rate of perfect order deliveries
  • Improve visibility, integration, and collaboration across your entire supply chain
  • Leverage data to achieve better supply chain performance, thereby fueling your business growth and competitiveness
Customer Service Offerings:
  • Sales support: From lead generation to lead closure, we support the entire sales cycle. We also provide up-sell and cross-sell services.
  • General query: We handle order status enquiry requests, product-related information, and resolve customer complaints.
  • Technical support: Our helpdesk / technical support offers a round-the-clock service portfolio consisting application operation support, remote desktop management, network support, and messaging system support. We provide level 0, level 1, and level 2 support services.
  • Billing support: Handles bill generation and account maintenance for complex services such as fraud management.
  • Finance and Accounting: Facilitaties water tight operations with 'independent' risk management, compliance, and quality assurance for smooth operations.
  • Sales and Fulfillment: Spans the entire order-to-cash cycle from Pre-Sales, Sales, After Sales & Fulfillment
  • Sourcing and Procurement Outsourcing.
Global Service Desk
Service integrates people, products and processes for speedy incident resolution, improved end-user productivity, and optimal service quality.
Central to our approach is our people: accredited to industry standards, such as ITIL. 
The Global Service Desk is a packaged, scalable solution designed to improve productivity, save costs, and crucially, to ensure the business is in control. This means being fully aware of incidents when they happen and when they are resolved; fully aware of performance against SLA; and fully aware of the value of the service desk to the business.
Global Service Desk delivers:
  • Cost reduction
  • Improved productivity
  • Enhanced end-User experience
  • Control and management report
  • Service integration
Application Lifecycle
Application Outsourcing
Application Management
Testing, Quality Assurance, Automation
Service Management
Business Process Outsourcing
Customer Service Offerings
Global Service Desk
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